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It’s time to update your Emergency Lighting

As part of new changes to clarify emergency lighting regulations (BS 5266 -1: 2011), there is a requirement to improve illuminance (Lux Level) for specific locations, designated escape routes and open areas. It’s essential therefore that building owners and managers comply with the new code of practice.

Minimum Illuminance

50 Lux:

  1. Treatment Rooms - To assist completion of complex operations 

15 Lux:

  1. First Aid Rooms - To enable minor medical procedures to be completed

  2. Kitchens - To ensure live equipment can be made safe

  3. Plant or Switch Rooms - To permit access if required

  4. Reception Areas - To allow emergency service calls to be made

  5. Fire Alarm Control & Indicating Equipment - To enable clear inspection

5 Lux:

  1. Refuge Areas (for mobility impaired) - To assist with safe assembly & transfer

  2. Swimming Pool Surrounds & Diving Areas - To permit safe clearance

  3. Panic Bars and Pads or Security Devices - To ensure safe operation

1 Lux:

  1. Defined Escape Routes (up to 2 metres wide) - To provide safe escape

It’s time to call in the experts

It goes without saying that fire safety should be given the utmost priority at all times. With this in mind, we can supply and install high output Emergency Lights to improve your light levels - in most cases by simply changing the fitting.

The requirement of emergency lighting, its type and location should be defined through risk assessment by a fully qualified contractor. Our trained specialists can carry out a complete inspection of your premises’ current system - carrying out work, on approval, to ensure that it complies with the latest legislation.

The need to test and maintain all emergency lighting systems on a regular basis is also a statutory obligation. So to give you complete peace of mind, we offer a full electrical maintenance and inspection service plan. Contact us for full details.

New Lighting Legislation

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